• Post time: [07/02/2019]

    Centrifugal pump is one of the most commonly used pumps in water delivery, the floor elevation in the pump room depends on the installation height of the pump, the correct calculation of the maximum allowable installation height of the pump, so that the pump station can not only safe water supply, bRead more »

  • Post time: [06/21/2019]

    The ranking of slurry pump manufacturers is a concern of many buyerswho want to purchase slurry pump as a reference, because after all, the strength of slurry pump manufacturers are more reliable.From the perspective of the whole country, the production base of slag-slurry pump is located in ShijiazRead more »

  • Post time: [06/17/2019]

    Many users including slurry pump new practitioners often can not tell the difference between vertical slurry pump and submersible slurry pump, in the name of subaqueous and submersible seems to be very similar, but there are essential differences.The concept and characteristics of vertical slag-slurRead more »

  • Post time: [03/18/2019]

    Macroscopic analysis of wear and tear of slag impeller pump The flow parts of slurry pump mainly include impeller, pressurized water chamber (jacket), guard plate, auxiliary impeller, water inlet pipe, water outlet pipe and axle sleeve with packing seal, etc., among which the wear degree of main floRead more »

  • Post time: [01/10/2019]

    This article is to introduce the filter press feeding pump. The filter press feeding pump produced by our company is a filter press special feeding pump product designed and developed by introducing the technology of the German promette fluid company and combining with the feeding conditions of eachRead more »

  • Post time: [01/04/2019]

    How to improve the efficiency of slurry pump: slurry pump is usually composed of pump head, bracket, shaft seal.Slurry pump if the use of improper, will lead to pump energy waste, wear too fast and other problems.In fact, in view of this problem, as long as we according to their own situation, the cRead more »

  • Post time: [01/03/2019]

    Basic knowledge of desulfurization pump: The flue gas emitted from the combustion of thermal power plants contains a large number of harmful substances, which will cause serious pollution to the environment when discharged into the atmosphere.Fgd-flue Gas Desulphurization is the removal of sulfide (Read more »

  • Post time: [12/28/2018]

    Slurry pump drive mode: slurry pump transmission ways mainly have V-belt transmission, flexible coupling, gear reducer, hydraulic coupling, variable frequency drives and thyristor speed control driving a variety of ways, the concrete slurry pump installation with slurry pump CV transmission, slurry Read more »

  • Post time: [12/27/2018]

    Preparatory workbefore starting up slurry pump:1.First of all, general inspection of the equipment, and further inspection.2.The valve of slurry pump front or behind should be in the position of parking, and should be flexible, easy to use, strict.3. Check the slurry fluid level in the barrel or tanRead more »

  • Post time: [12/26/2018]

    How to solve the problem of slurry pump blockage?How can we solvethe problem of blockage found in use?Many customers think that this is a very complex problem, but if this kind of congestion problem is not handled well, it is easy to cause damage to the equipment, thus affecting the efficiency of usRead more »

  • Post time: [12/25/2018]

    China slurry pump manufacturers introduce the inspection and maintenance of water pump: start the requirements must be full of water, running and long-term contact with water, because of the influence of water quality, so that the working conditions of the pump is worse than the fan, so its inspectiRead more »

  • Post time: [12/24/2018]

    Advantages and usages of vertical sump SP and SPR slurry pump shows as below:The pump body, impeller and guard plate of SP type slurry pump are made of wear-resisting materials.This series of slurry pump is simple in structure and easy to install. The pump body is bolted on the support, and the bearRead more »

  • Post time: [12/20/2018]

    Notes for normal operation of slurry pump show ae below:1. Pay attention to the pump bearing temperature, should not exceed the external temperature of 35 degrees but the maximum should not be greater than 75 degrees.2. The oil cup should be filled with calcium-based butter to ensure normal lubricatRead more »

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