China slurry pump manufacturers introduce the inspection and maintenance of water pump

China slurry pump manufacturers introduce the inspection and maintenance of water pump: start the requirements must be full of water, running and long-term contact with water, because of the influence of water quality, so that the working conditions of the pump is worse than the fan, so its inspection and maintenance of the work content is more than the fan, the requirements are higher than the fan.

Check the maintenance of pumps in slurry pump manufacturers before starting: when the downtime is long, or when the pump is ready to be put into use after maintenance and disassembly and cleaning, the following inspection work must be done before starting: 1) whether the lubricating oil of the pump bearing is sufficient;Whether the lubricating oil specifications meet the requirements.2) whether the anchor bolts and coupling bolts of water pump and motor fall off or become loose.3) close the outlet pipe valve, pressure gauge and vacuum gauge valve.4) whether the power distribution equipment is intact and normal, all indicating instruments, safety protection devices and electronic control devices should be sensitive, accurate and reliable.5) for horizontal pump, use hand disc to move the coupling to see whether the pump impeller can rotate. If the impeller cannot move, the reason should be found out and hidden trouble should be eliminated. 6) whether the pump and the inlet pipe are full of water or not.If the outlet pipe can also be filled with water, it is more conducive to a successful boot.In the process of filling water, pay attention to the elimination of air.7) the shaft seal shall be watertight or drip (the number of drops per minute shall not exceed 60).If leaks or drops are excessive, find out why and improve to meet the requirements.

Slurry pump manufacturer to introduce the new trend of energy conservation and emissions reduction of water pump: energy conservation and emissions reduction is now into the primary content of China's economy to carry out the planning outline  especially for electric power, steel, non-ferrous, petrochemical industry, water disposal industry category energy-intensive companies increasingly stringent emission reduction policy are put forward.Water pump, as a fluid transport equipment in the industrial center, occupies the primary energy consumption, which has become the primary problem to be addressed in energy-saving operations. The most common driving mode of water pump in slurry pump manufacturers is electric motor drive.Pump energy saving method is the first to make the pump unit (pump, prime mover and some transformation) in the highest power operation, so that its consumption of external input power to the lowest point.Pump energy saving is a comprehensive skill, it touches the pump itself energy saving, system energy saving and operating management and other aspects.