8bc8a0e6   Shijiazhuang Shiyi Pump Industry Co.,Ltd  founded in 2006, is a big professional high-tech industrial  pump manufacturer engaged in researching and exporting slurry pump, wear and corrosion resistant materials and OEM processing. Shiyi pump group covers more than 40000 square meters, the registered capital is 18 million yuan. Over the years with strong strength and people-oriented concept, we absorb a large number of high-quality management and  technical talents. Existing staff is more than 220 people, of whom 30% are technician . Besides, Shiyi pump has been named as the provincial advanced famous brand and scientific and technological innovation enterprise. Implemented ISO9001:2008 quality management system, Shiyi pump was awarded the title of Hebei energy saving and environmental protection enterprise. With the continued expansion of the scale, our company has become the largest slurry pump supply base in the same industry in Shijiazhuang.

    Shiyi pump  has many years practical experience in the development and application of slurry pump. Based on introducing and absorbing foreign advanced technology, the product series of perfect performance and coverage has been formed. At present, the main products includes series of slurry pump, FGD engineering special pump, gravel pump, dredging pump, froth pump, chemical pump and newly developed PU rubber. Hundreds of models, widely used in mining, metallurgy,coal washing, electric power, flue gas desulfurization, dredging, water engineering, petroleum and chemical industry, municipal administration, environmental protection, sewage treatment and other industries.

   Our production area covers an area of 24000 square meters, the total production capacity of an annual output is 10000 units (sets), and the annual output of all kinds of high chromium alloy castings is 2000 tons.The production area is divided into five districts one area and two centers, namely mould casting, heat treatment, fine machining, forge welding and assembly coating of five production areas; finished spare parts; quality analysis and water experiment. The main material of products: A05, A49, A33, A51 and other high chromium white cast iron.

   The development of product design and process preparation adopts CFD and CAPP technology. The test accuracy of impurity high pressure test station is up to ISO9906 level precision, supporting a variety of high-precision testing equipment, analytical instruments and so on.All casting adopt phenolic and molding. Meanwhile in order to improve the quality of slurry pump system, Shiyi pump introduces new technology of lost foam casting. Using this technique, the surface roughness of casting can reach Ra3.2 to 12.5μm; the casting size can reach CT7 to 9; the machining allowance for a maximum is 1.5 to 2mm. The casting has no flash, burr and draft, which guarantees the materials and appearance of slurry pump parts. Equipped with 1 tons, 2 tons, 5 tons intermediate frequency furnace, we can manufacture 8-10 tons casting once time. Heat treatment workshop equips with two 20 cubic resistance-type heat treatment furnace. Most of the machine tools are CNC in machining workshop, and there are 4.2M and 4.5M vertical lathe and more than 20 units machine tools. In addition, there are various types of hoisting equipment, metal cutting and welding equipment, impeller level tuning equipment, molding equipment, sandblasting polishing equipment to ensure the production capacity.

  Shiyi pump fully implements the ISO9001 management system and observes the process of inspection. Quality inspection records are available in all production processes. Professional instruments include spectrometer, metallographic analyzer, flaw detector, mechanical test machine(strain, impact, hardness), magnetic flowmeter, pressure gauge, ammeter, vibration meter, noise meter, hydraulic experimental curve of professional software. Perfect detection guarantees the quality of equipment to ensure that each pumps and parts are fully in line with the requirements.

   Shiyi pump has spread all domestic market in China over 30 provinces and municipality. Also has been successfully used in 20 countries in global .First line staff have professional experience to provide service for customers. Pre-sale service: combined with the actual working conditions, we can provide consulting services and the most reasonable design plan. In the sale of services: customer-oriented, we provide inspection, supervision and modification of design plan. After-sale service: we provide comprehensive services including installation  and commissioning of equipment, personnel training, spare parts supply and other services.


 Enterprise development concept


                                    For enterprises: people-oriented


                                    For products: as solid as rocks


                                    For the market: efficient innovation


                                    For customer: consistently


  Shiyi pump has been adhering integrity, innovation, efficiency, cooperation spirit and create value for customersbusiness philosophy. welcome friends to visit the factory and look forward to working with you to create a better future.