TL(R)Series FGD Pump

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Introduction Series of TL FGD pump is a single stage, single suction horizontal centrifugal pump. It is mainly used as the circulating pump for absorbent tower in FGD appliances. It has such features:...

  • FOB Price: US $ 2000-8000 / Piece
  • Mini. Order: 1 Piece
  • Supply Capacity: 5000 Pieces per Year
  • Payment Term: L/C, T/T, D/P, Western Union, Money Gram
  • Port: HeBei
  • Certificate: ISO9001, SGS, CE


    Series of TL FGD pump is a single stage, single suction horizontal centrifugal pump. It is mainly used as the circulating pump for absorbent tower in FGD appliances. It has such features: wide range capacity, high efficiency, better energy saving. This series of pump is matched by tight structure X support which can save much space. Meanwhile our company develops many kinds of materials targeted on the pump for FGD.


    600X-TLR: The diameter of discharge: 600mm. bearing lubricating type: thin oil, rubber liner.

    700X-TL: The diameter of discharge:700mm, bearing lubricating type: thin oil, metal liner.


    1. CFD flowing simulating analysis technology is adopted on wetted parts of pump, it has a reliable property and high operational efficiency.
    2. To adjust bearing assembly can change impeller position in volute, it can keep pump unit in a state of high efficient operation.
    3. The pump is back pull-out construction, it has easy construction and simplifies maintenance. It can be disassembled without dismantling suction & discharge pipes.
    4. Double rows taper roller bearings are fitted on pump end, roller bearings are fitted on drive end. Bearings are lubricated by oil which can modify bearing working condition and increase wear life of bearings.
    5. Mechanical seal adopted is special for cartridge mechanical seal of FGD process.

    Technical Parameters


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    Material Adopted

    Our company developed a kind of new material duplex phase stainless white iron (A49)on FGD device specially. The material has anti-corrosive property of duplex stainless steel and anti-abrasive property of high chrome white iron so that it has remarkable anti-abrasive and anti-corrosive property in FGD process.

    Pump casing, pump cover and adaptor plate are bearing pressure parts which are made of ductile iron.

    Rubber lined pump: impeller, suction cover/front liner insert are made of duplex phase stainless white iron. Front liner, back liner, back liner insert material is natural rubber which has good anti-corrosive property with light weight, low cost.

    Metal lined pump: impeller, volute liner, throatbushing ,frame plate liner insert are made of duplex stainless white iron. Suction cover is made of ductile iron with rubber stuck.




    • The distinct characteristic of our FGD engineering pump is double-casing and rubber lined technology. Double-casing structure refers that the pump body is divided into outer pump shell and inner lining. The former bears pressure and insulates slurry. The latter contact abrasive and corrosive slurry. we only need to replace the worn out inner liner.
    • FGD engineering pump is mainly used to transport limestone and gypsum slurry. This requires the wet part performance well not only in anti-abrasive but also in anti-corrosive. Therefore, the wet parts (such as: impeller, volute liner and frame plate insert, etc.) adopt A49 combined with rubber material. The engineering practice shows that the  service life of components made by ours is triple or even higher than the traditional Cr30A products or duplex stainless steel pump.
    • A49 material is a kind of abrasive-resistant and corrosive-resistant alloy widely used for FGD projects in the world , the main composition include chromium 28-30%,  molybdenum 2-3%, nickel%, carbon 1%, copper is less than or equal to 2%. Corrosive-resistance characteristic: this is given by the austenitic element. In the 70 degree sulfuric acid solution which contains chloride 100000ppm and pH value of 4, the corrosion rate of is 0.5mm/a. In the 60 degree solution which contains 5% nitric, the corrosion rate is 0.5mm/a. In the sodium hydroxide solution at 80 degree and pH value of 13, the corrosion rate is 0.5mm/a. Wear-resistance characteristic: The abrasion performance is given by the chromium carbide on the grain boundary and secondary carbon compounds precipitated on austenite bodies. The abrasion performance is equal to A05, GLH-5, Ni-1.
    • TL (R) series FGD engineering pump has the characteristics of uniform parts specifications, widely used in the market, fast delivery, long service time, convenient installation, low cost and so on.

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