The ranking of slurry pump manufacturers


The ranking of slurry pump manufacturers is a concern of many buyers who want to purchase slurry pump as a reference, because after all, the strength of slurry pump manufacturers are more reliable.

From the perspective of the whole country, the production base of slag-slurry pump is located in Shijiazhuang, which is the most concentrated slag-slurry pump production center in China, and also the distribution center of slag-slurry pump products with the largest market share.

Slag slurry pump manufacturers should have what production process?

Generally at least the following process equipment is included

Slurry pump casting

Heat treatment


Slurry pump assembly

General manufacturers must have the above four processes, without a complete production line;

Our company not only has a complete slurry pump main production line, including 3 casting workshops with an annual casting output of more than 5,000 tons, 6 heat treatment furnaces, 2 machining workshops with more than 40 lathes, and 1 assembly workshop.

In addition, there is also a mold manufacturing workshop, our company can produce products according to customers' drawings and samples.

Looking for slurry pump manufacturers should pay attention to what problems?

1. After arriving at the factory, check whether the company information is consistent with the factory address to avoid backdoor;

2, put an end to false air, the pursuit of real essence, such a large workshop but no signs of production, such a situation is very common;

3. Randomly selected products in the workshop for simple spectrum test and hardness test, and preliminarily understood product quality;

The ranking of slurry pump manufacturers own customer judgment, as we do not give a clear answer, is not determined by who, is determined by the market.

Our company's annual output of slurry pump, and annual sales are firmly ranked in the forefront of Shijiazhuang, welcome to our factory inspection, the real strength of slurry pump manufacturers, will not let you down!