Vertical slurry pump and submersible slurry pump difference


Many users including slurry pump new practitioners often can not tell the difference between vertical slurry pump and submersible slurry pump, in the name of subaqueous and submersible seems to be very similar, but there are essential differences.

The concept and characteristics of vertical slag-slurry pump and submersible slag-slurry pump are introduced respectively by slag-slurry pump manufacturers

.Concept and characteristics of vertical slurry pump

The so-called liquid slurry pump, refers to the slurry pump work part (not all) is to be submerged under the page, part of the pump head under the liquid, motor one end on the liquid.Industry insiders in order to distinguish SP and ZJL two kinds of slurry pump, general SP called liquid slurry pump.

The so-called vertical slag-slurry pump, refers to the pump shaft and horizontal position vertical slag-slurry pump, not from industry habits, submersible slag-slurry pump also belongs to the vertical slag-slurry pump, but in the industry, especially in the field of Shijiazhuang slag-slurry pump, vertical slag-slurry pump generally refers to ZJL type slag-slurry pump.

In fact, SP subaqueous slurry pump and ZJL vertical slurry pump are subaqueous vertical slurry pump. The biggest feature of this kind of pump is that it does not need any shaft seals, and the maximum subaqueous depth is generally less than 3 meters. After years of intensive research by our company, the maximum subaqueous depth can reach 10 meters.

.Concept and characteristics of submersible slurry pump

Diving slag slurry pump (ZJQ slag slurry pump) from the structure, the pump shaft and horizontal position is generally vertical, belongs to the vertical slag slurry pump, but its work, the whole pump, including the motor part is in the liquid level below, so called "diving".

In terms of usability, the submerged slurry pump is more convenient than the submerged vertical slurry pump, which can be directly put into the slurry.

The pump is composed of motor and pump two parts, the two separated by oil isolation chamber and mechanical sealing components, is an electromechanical integration products, motor and pump share the same shaft (rotor), compact structure.

.Vertical slurry pump and submersible slurry pump differences

1, submerged vertical slurry pump is not completely immersed in the liquid, and submerged slurry pump can be fully immersed or partially immersed;

2, under the liquid vertical slurry pump need fixed installation, in the liquid surface part must be available for installation of the platform, and the submersible slurry pump does not need to install the platform, directly immersed in the slurry can run;

3. The general operating depth of submerged vertical slurry pump is 3 meters, and the maximum operating depth can only reach 10 meters after our company's unique technical improvement, while the working depth of submerged slurry pump can reach up to 25 meters at present;

4. The operating depth of submerged vertical slurry pump is generally limited by shaft length and suction pipe, and the operating depth of submersible slurry pump is mainly limited by the sealing compressive ability, and the sealing device requires strict requirements.