Slurry pump drive mode

Slurry pump drive mode: slurry pump transmission ways mainly have V-belt transmission, flexible coupling, gear reducer, hydraulic coupling, variable frequency drives and thyristor speed control driving a variety of ways, the concrete slurry pump installation with slurry pump CV transmission, slurry pump ZV transmission, slurry pump DC drive, slurry pump CL transmission, slurry pump CR transmission, slurry pump ZL transmission, slurry pump ZR transmission, slurry pump installation according to the pump performance requirements and the need to identify the user installation.

Slurry pump shaft seal has three forms, vice - blade wheel shaft seal and packing shaft seal, mechanical seal.Sometimes when we seal slurry pump will appear "eat stuffing" phenomenon, why is this?Small make up for you to solve this puzzle.

Packing seal is the elastic packing into the stuffing box, when it is compressed by the packing gland, the packing produces radial expansion, filling the gap between the shaft sleeve and the stuffing box, plays a sealing role.Squeeze the packing properly.Packing pressure is too tight, although it can reduce leakage, but the friction loss between the filler and the shaft increased, will reduce the life of the filler and shaft, serious cause heat and smoke, even the filler and shaft burned;If the pressure is too loose, can not play a sealing role.

There is a radial clearance between the pump shell and shaft of slurry pump, when the gap is too large, the filler will be squeezed into the pump shell from here, the so-called "eat filler" phenomenon.This is a factor that affects the sealing effect of centrifugal slurry pump.We should pay attention to it when we use it.